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In Dubio Pro Sathanas - text

Inquisition 10 million killed
In the name of trinity
22 million died before under
The banner of holy crusades
When the conquerors of paradise
Where spreading the words of Christ
The biggest genocide to date
A 100 million dead!

The cross upon their chest a lie!
A vail to hide an alibi!
Free will is bind captivity
Who is the sick one?
It's not me!

Millions and billions have died by the religions
Of Christian philosophy - killed in God's name
If this is the work of a God of love
A will hail to this opponent and fuck!
Yeah fuck all above!

9 million victims, tortured crucified and burned
As so called witches on a hunt
Organised by the church
Pedophilepriest around us
Every day! Who is the next one?
Who's the target? What's the aim?

The cross upon their chest a lie!
Their vile instincts, they can not hide
Religions always means just war
Wthat are we keepin' it then for?

The cross upon their chest a lie!
A medal for the weak in mind
I tell you wath you should achieve:
Do what thou wilt and live to live

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