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His anguished soul tells a tenebrous tale
Carpathia, once nefarious...
A man a story we all know good
But what if we never understood?
Succumb to death – immortalized!
When did him strike the curse of Christ?
Now comes the fear for cross'n'silver?
A legend to be different considered

Killing and thrilling
The world will bleed
Archais divinity
You are will creep for

Vlad the Impaled – Impaler – Impaler
Vlad Devastator – Devastator – Devastator
Vlad the Impaled – Impaler – Impaler
Vlad the Impaled – the Traitor

Imagine now his theory
Of murder through the centuries
A messiah sold for silver coins
Nailed to the cross on Golgotha
Redemption is revoken for him
To suffer from eterrnity
The wine of life so warm and thick
Damned to live in bestiality

Judas is him
Iscariot the sin
Betrayer of love
The curse from above – made

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Shockwave of Steel

Solemnity texty

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