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Heart of A Raven - text

Born from the twilight
When the lore of death was young
Apparition formed by witchcraft
Creature with a roaring tongue
Adivsor of Odin
With black feathers forged from steel
Unholy bird and bridger of dreams

Fly mighty raven, touching the sky
Descending black angel
On wings of the night

Heart of a raven pounding in hell
Keeper of mysteries, of shadows and of sins
Heart of a raven cross through the spheres
Pitch black inferno, minion of fear

There on the tombstones
Where your wings cut through the wind
Your secret soul finds rest
Between the faces of the dead
Mists of mourning
Between the cemetary gates
Recharge your magic power
By the power of the graves

Apostole of doom
With the forces of the night
Fullfill the mandrake law
Let the root destroy all light
Flaming transcendence
Drifter through the spheres
Pitch black inferno and minion of fear

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King of Dreams

Solemnity texty

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