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Fire in Mainstreamland - text

We opened the fire with "reign in hell"
We invited you to join us on our last crusade
Onward we go with the King of Dreams
But nothing in our world is as bright as it seems
There has still nothingh changed in a world full of life
a business that sucks and we speed in its eyes
rap n'core the trashcan is for!
Hip-hop and pop is nothing but a flop!

Yeah, we were so proud
a thousand decibels laud
but still give no shit
we will make it and never quit!

We set a fire... in Mainstreamland!!!
Drop all your bombs and make it an end
Show them no marcy and shred all their heads
A funeral for posers, for whimps and all those rats

Crucify those pop-arts and rape these bloody whores
No Angels, Bro-Sis, Britney hell was created for!
Extinct their will to live and burn'em down to dust
Drive the nails deeper in the hearts of A&R's
A future full of bullshit, everyday of MTV
Nu-Metal is no Metal, you know what I mean!
A legion sworn to music is there to stay alive
You have a chance to join us
These taste-squad that denis...

...all that is untrue!!!
Torn apart by me and by you
And still give no shit
we will make it and never quit!

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King of Dreams

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