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Chalice of Blood - text

Wait to the sunset
Wait to the dawn of all the time
Cry for the martyr too late to change a thing on life
So many warnings the prophets told two thousand years ago
The day has arrived now the final bell rings for our doom
...doom ...doom ..,doom ...doom waits for our doom!

Playing the harp in heaven I had never on my mind
To beg for redemption and repent the sins of my life
Blinded by the priests with their reign of forced anxiety
My spirt at last turned free and now my soul is released
...released ...released ...released ...released is now released!

I spit on your cross never again I will be lost
Hate or love I don't care about no more
Pain or romance so close at the lance
The devil in the detail is the inheritance
War and peace I don't have a name for this disease

Drink from the blood
Hail to the alliance against the light
Drink to the saviour
Deny the cross of Jesus Christ
Swallow the red essence
That the master of all things has spilled
Obey to the wrong lord
And watch him seeing you decay

Bleed for the elder, bleed for their wealth
A victim of society until your end
Bring the scapegoat a hundred times
A loser forever or escape and run
The clock strikes rebellion, rebellion strikes back
Right now we come closer and start the attack
Drink from the blood and the chalice will seal
Will seal your pact with immortality

Decay, decay away
Decay, decay away

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