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Apocalypse arise
Like in the ancient rhymes
A seething of the life
Where brothers fight and die
Pronounce it Mohamed or Christ
Keeps Buddha all the light?
Are the Hindus blessed by thou?
Or has Odin all control?
Just one this is for sure it plunges us into a war!
Rush right into a bloodbath
Thie world has to change
Or we all will drown in war
Whose God is stronger?
The question, our fall!
The almighty gave – now waits...
...and contemplates!
His children are so weak
Texan cowbuys spoiled his seed
The burning bush – salvation?
Erased a dozen nations
The white eagle never brought... civilization
Just one thing is for sure he plunges us into a war!
Fanatics ruin this world – poisoned the earth
The power of the bomb – brought the spoken word the tomb
Who's stolen the land of whom – Palastina, Indians – gloom
The slaughterers within the nations – no coexistance in their considerations
Just one thing is for sure they're plunging us into a war

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