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Blood Will Prevail - text

I've seen the deepest darkness
I've seen a hole in you
I've seen dead eyes ablaze
For sure it has been you
I catch your final breath
Accept the blade and die
Breaking all mortal code
And smash you with a sigh

Look and you will see - the burning blade with me
Caress with my dark sword - by the chainsaw I'm your lord
Blood will prevail - walk through fire on this trail
A creepy black mass falls from the altar of the oath
The sacrifice is you when the chainsaw's getting through
Through your bones n' through your veins
My saw cuts like the flames (like the flames)

I've seen the deepest darkness
And served a seat for you
Remind me of your death
The reaper's watching you
Your throat so pale n' thirsty
Soon full of blood n' gore
Infliction's coming closer
So suffer from the sores

I've seen the deepest darkness
I've seen in your eyes
Your aura turns to black
So sealed your prompt demise
The ego in my blade
Extincts all breaths in you
Mad after your soul
Preveil through blood that's true

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