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You were trembling down the sidewalk
On a gloomy misty night
You dodn't know that I did hide
Offside from all the light
I was chasing not your shadow
But your shadows chasing me
I'm hunting down you're dignity
Your flesh is what I need

The couplestone reflects the steps
My breath is still concealed
On wings of blackened mystery
Your fate will soon be sealed
The shining iron, oh sweet kiss
Moonbeams caress the blade
Your neck will soon break into two
A scream up from the grave

Hear the axe! Untamed it strikes
And on and on it goes... it slays! My hand is innocent?
I swear I can't control – another victim in the night
My face isn't yet unfold – a deadly strike into the back
And everything turns cold

A lust inside to rip'n'tear – insane – for sure I know
My poetry the rwzorblade – let the show you of my art
The will to kill it burns inside – addicted to the grave
Your neck will soon break into two
Your blood caresses my blade...

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