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So here I am after all these lies
This could be innocence,
I have been so blind
since the day I saw you
sitting by his side
But will you cover all your tears
and the secrets we shared?
My king, now hear me speak
(don't you look at me this way)
with passion and belief
(he might guess the play)
I will be serving you everlastingly Nevermore I'll cross the line
Nevermore I will fight
I am the last to destroy
all your blessed life
So I let go off your hand
and obey to Thy crown
The second day
that I am on the run
the rain is getting stronger
let the flood begin
Upon the water, reflections
reviving my memories
And as I wander torn in pain
I hear you whispering my name
Knight of mine, don't you depart! Nevermore I'll cross the line ...
Devotion and dishonour!
Restinction means to lose her
If I had one wish I'd choose
another life for us
no kingdom in between
A torrent raging wild
your face seems to rush by
So I will go down and
we unite one last time
Nevermore I'll cross the line ...

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