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I have written this
to calm your trembling hands
Know that our bond of affection
prevails my early end
Outrage they did blame me for
and I guess they are right
So tragic might be one's destiny
when fate and guilt decide

All of these colours
are fading into gray
Nameless faces,
they watch me pass away So long, I'll wait for you
and it tears my soul in two
Like all my broken
dreams I'm dying
This pain I'm going through
will bring me back to you
When time has come
we are united

To the fairest
I bowed my head
By a sinner
it is raised instead
I knew Thee well,
more than I thought No fears were harming
the bliss of our time
I will pay now for my crime

I hear the hangman call
(don't be afraid, we will meet again)
In the course of my duty I open the door

So long, I'll wait for you...

Don't lose your heart
Just know I'll be waiting
for you in the dark

So long, I'll wait for you...

I fade away

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