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The Race Of The Rats (Piano Version) - text


As if bugs are creeping up inside you
They colonise your body and take you to the ruins of your self-destruction
But you still can go, so let’s just go
No need to divide all the good from the bad and the happy from the sad
You’re just above the waterline, but
You still can go, so let’s just go

Now time is up for all those bad decisions
That you came to after thinking too much
About living amidst the people you hate
You still can go, so let’s just go

It’s your secret dead-end that you’re trying to bend
To take part in the race of the rats
Now you’re gasping for air and the world proves unfair
And it’s bearing the blame for your own mistakes
The signals you send as the man you pretend to be
In the race of the rats
Never hit me at all, so I’m watching your fall
And everyone’s stepping aside now

When all your life was built on misinformation
And you just tried to find a proper place to be
Then why didn’t you use your brain to think?
You still can go

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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