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You can’t live and you can’t die
The space around you looks so sad, but I won’t cry for you again
I’m counting the words that fly to me
I shut my ears so they won’t come inside, I just became so tired of that
So I won’t breathe, I look away and I can no more feel you here, you see?

If you would care you’d see a truth that will not match with yours
However hard you try, it won’t be right
But I can’t leave until you know that I can no more bear you near, you see?

You can’t break me now, ’cause I’ve learnt to resist you every day
When you made your vows that would last one day
And I hate to say, but your days are long gone
And it took me a while to get over it
But I can’t let you run, finding another way on another day

I’d rather die, if I were you, with all these things you can’t undo
Why don’t you find an answer to these questions I’m asking
Oh I would swim, if I were you, across the ocean wide and blue
Until I drown, until I’m true
You still owe me an answer

When you’re lying on the floor
Like a 1-bit-copy of what you’ve been before, but you don’t know
I clear my way from all your waste and feel the dust beneath my feet,
It’s pure and clean, I’m bare and new
But I won’t freeze, because I know that I’m no longer bound to you, you see?

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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