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In the Rain - text

We cheat on our friends with rhyme and reason
As surely as the leaves change with the seasons
For love or money, or sometimes both
Let's hope this fire burns without smoke

In the garden; in the rain
You no longer loved him
I whispered your name
In the garden; in the rain
Swift, knowing looks
The rules of the game

Cupid's leering; let the game begin
He shoots the arrow, and our lives spin
Poison flows through our viper hearts
Put down our knives and raise a glass


Let the blinds hold in the night
Or let a candle be our only light
We whisper words, but are they true?
Let's be naá¯ve, me and you


In the rain, by the tower door
Said we would love forever
We lied, of course
In the rain, by the tower door
We'd never betray each other
We did, of course

In the rain

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