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The dust settles
Tumultuous feeling, we rise
Walk the fields in search of our own
Lifeless many lay

So many slain
Our enemies quaked in fear
Our swords drove strong
Barren fields now covered in blood
The battle cry resounded throughout these lands

Weary, we retrieve them all
Prepare them for their journey
Onwards to eternity we send them off
Into the hands of the gods

We now march back to those we love
We sheathe our weapons and begin our journey homeward

Battered, our feet rest firmly in the soil
We look upon the stars, pondering
Green pastures over the horizon, awaiting

Soon it shall come to pass
Destiny encompasses
Broken and battered souls carried away by the wind

Oh, Greatness
The smell of blood no longer lingers
Onward to reward, pursuits of bliss
Lifelong time of battles cease forever
It creeps over the bend
We see...

Oh, greatness
It creeps over the bend
We see, we yearn, we deserve

I fall to my knees
Lash out a cry of contentment
Home is where I shall dwell
Battles waged for years and years
Here I shall rest until my dying day

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Empires of Ash

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