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Aeons of Valor - text


At the top of the hill, a legion of the unknown gathers
We stare into each others souls with malicious intent
All on the line, we charge

As it rages, seeming unlikely to cease
They all clash, knowing their fates

Arcane waves of energy flow through the air
Steel dips itself in blood
Here they all shall die with honour

The landscape now painted crimson
The sanguine liquid caressing the ground
No sign of sheathing, it rages on

Dusk approaches, limbs now ache
Death yearning to embrace our souls
Sons of the earth wage in a battle for the honour of ancients

The gods look down on us and smile with satisfaction
Songs will be sung around embers
Whispers in the night will accompany our feats

Moon light comforting our trek away from home
Stories told of all odysseys in the wake of victory

For it shall be told
Here, in faraway lands
Blood was split
Fight with honour, they said
Die with dignity

Fate approaches blindly
Bound by blood
Through the endless night
They send us off
To meet our gods.

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