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Wir haben allen Göttern abgeschwor'n - text


wir haben allen göttern abgeschwor'n und geh'n für einen herrn der horizont hat blut verlor'n und wir war'n nicht weit entfernt wir entreissen euch was uns gehört also lasst es besser los von uns werdet ihr nie mehr gestört denn eure leiden sind schon groß

i keep my mental like my freestyle open minded put my thoughts on paper on cd you can rewind it find it deep in my thoughts like meditation the name is metaphysics dropping rhymes for inspiration the education of life has mee blessed looking to the heavens and i must confess yes since i found my the strenght inner god has blessed me to become a bread winner run the marathon of life right to the end maintain my family and gots to pay rent hundret percent put fingers to the grind utilize ability and us the mind even when they try to keep a good man down i am chasing these crazy ball heads out of town maintain ability and retain strenght there's only one god in the heavens who sent me to the earth to continue his mission he gave me the power and ambition now listen

so now you know the truth from the lies don't look to the heavens or the skies look to your inner and the truth shall be there waiting just to set you free to see he is the way to the heavenly i'm about to take it and you can't stop me be that they want to all try test they can never touch what god has blessed so i walk through through the flames aand don't burn as the motion of life and as the world turn keep my street gear `cos i'm ready for the war keep my hoodie down and consience pure keep my grill tense `cos i'm ready for events but they can never...with the true elements like the earth wind and fire my god is one what you going to do when the final day come

yo whant's the deal you feeling this i'm about to get it hot like feverish turn up the temperature and make it blaze `cos my god has shown me the way grab the microphone and just let loose on some verbal rhymes strictly spitting the truth proof i'm about to take it to the next `cos my god has blessed

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