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Insecure Me - text

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It was the morning after the month before
And I'm looking like a nose with eyes
Take a trip or letter to make me feel better
Cos I know my mirror never lies

Have you ever had the feeling
That your life's down the can
And the hand that holds the whip
Is not your own
Your breakfast's going cold
And your routine's getting old
Is it me that's feeling insecure

Hiding in the darkness
Where they can't see your eyes
In a naked city cinema
Watch the bodies rolling around on the screen
And nobody gives a damn who you are

You're surrounded by the bitter and the boring
And you wonder if you're on the turn
And again you get hurt
When they're dishing the dirt
Is it me that's feeling insecure

I haven't got time to worry about the future
When I'm busy covering up my past
Start to consider a tuck behind the ears
When I wonder if my looks will last

I could hit the bottle and the depths of despair
But come up fighting like the best
And I can tell myself that I'm winning the war
But then again I'm different than the rest

I'm not the hardest person in the world
But like the song says 'I will survive'
And I may be a wreck and a pain in the neck
But at least I feel that I'm alive

So I'll spit in your face
And push you over the place
If I'm ever feeling so unsure
And you can really go to hell
If you give me the soft cell
It's not me that's feeling insecure

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