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Mr. & Mrs. Brown - text

Mr. & Mrs. Brown

She has no hairstyle
But he doesn't mind
She sleeps all day
But that is just fine
´Cause they were meant to be together

He snores all night
But still she sleeps tight
He watches TV every Saturday night
But they were meant to be together

Mrs. Brown you found true love
He's right there in front of you
Mr. Brown says awfully proud
She's the perfect dream come true

She has never seen
An oven before
And last time she cooked
It was 1934
But they were meant to be together

She hates when he repeats his jokes
He hates her books with hippy quotes
How clean and dull his closet became
And even though he takes the train
´cause he hates how she drives
They'll be together for the rest of their lives

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