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Sonny: I know you think this is probably my fault
Tawni: (spoken) We do!
Sonny: The catty comments and the constant assults!
Grady: (spoken) It's cool!
Sonny: I was there once, and I'm still alone(?), so listen if you want to survive... Inside this.....
Everyone: High School Miserable....
Tawni: I never thought I'd be invisible!
Everyone: In this High School Miserable....
Sonny: You've gotta keep in and divisible.
Everyone: In this High School Miserable... I don't understand what's happening to me.... This High School Miserable... Someone get me back on TV....
Nico: I thought the girls here would go crazy for me... I flubbed a test, I`m clearly getting a D!
Grady: I never knew how high my undies would go...
There's tons of wedgies, I didn't know.
Like the... hoodie ... The Hourglass(ow!)... The 360 spin(that hurt!)... the fig leg, the bat, the bowling pin(strike!)The donkey, The monkey... man I am sore!
Zora:(spoken) I cant believe there`s twenty-eight more. Neat!
Tawni: Someone get me back on TV...
Sonny,Tawni, Nico: Away from...
Everyone: High School Miserable!
Zora, Sonny, Tawni: It`s endless, it`s friendless...
Nico:(spoken) This place is cruel!
Everyone: Someone get us away from High School Miserable!
Tawni: Someone get us back on...!
Everyone: Away from High School Miserable....
Someone get us back on tv!

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