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Valley Of Death - text


They're taking me to the gallows, mother
They're going to hang me high
It is a wonderful day to live
And a gloomy day to die

As I walk through the Valley of Death
Oranges horizons and aggravated breath
Once a million boots went slogging through Hell
Beer and gun, no comfort, bombs to shell

Hey yo Billy caught a pistol and Jamie had a gun
Tina never did but her dad had one
When she was twelve, he put a twenty-two in her hand
Then he took her out back, had her shooting at cans
Her arms twitching but she's a natural born killer
Who loved Non Phixion, Korn, and J-Dilla
Her Myspace page was packed and filled
With pictures of her mom who was carjacked and killed
Now she practice skills which she breeds in fear
Brings a gun to school through her senior year
What she sees is clear and pursues a degree
In psychology and music at UNLV
Then the money got low, her dad got hurt and he's sick
Now she's working on the strip robbing johns, turning tricks
Goes to class in the day, sells her ass at night
Became addicted to coke despite past advice
And then disaster strikes, she's taking Xanax for the panic
What she thought she could manage now turned into an addict
She's staring in the mirror, daddy's gun to her head
The gun he gave her should've saved her but might kill her instead

Death valley is the alley where Sally reside
Lost souls tally high with violence replacing pride
Collide with suicides, some signs and symptoms return
Horrified, the noose is tied [? ] from an urn
It's conducive to arrive but the tide doesn't turn
Exclusive the Grim Reaper's replacing lives with a bird
From Hell or Heaven if you're hoping
I dwell until the gates open
It's corrosion in the ocean of purity's form
So my notion is devotion to where obscurity's norm
God's soldiers said we pay rent for breathing
Drown your sins in gin which will never get even
There's no way I'm leaving until my reason is restored
A new season is gleaming from the scheming I explore
The horizon's [? ] with the angels of the arch
Fear is clear, the ship we steer runs on that waters of the dark
There's no time for regret
No happiness in the Valley of Death
Just grab your family as we march past your step
That last weak breath within the cavalry's tread
No happiness in the Valley of Death

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