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Snowgoons Sonata - text


I spit sick verses that cause a worldwide panic
In Germany, they love me like Jermaine loves Janet
The way that I spray a typical passage
Remains unexplained like Aramaic tablets
I animate a canvas
Freeze words like icicles from a Appalachian cavern
To the streets of Brooklyn, that's the esthetic
My speech reaches the African beaches, the flow's pandemic
Got non athletic, I'm so authentic
You're a relic, a clone, don't get your bone's augmented
I'm a soldier from the east with a toaster full of heat
That'll roast ya over and over till your chromosomes start to leak
I rock from the slow groove
Rock to a show tune
Travel the black forest on black horses with my Snowgoons
A hundred mile per hour Autobahn rhyme flow
I shine like Biggie tribute T-shirts with the rhymes on

My kicks stay clean, I spit so mean
From head to toe it's a go like green
Grass in morning, when you rap I be yawning
Get this cat here a coffin

I'm a myth brought to life a whisky fifth over ice
What I spit is precise
Richie Rich would gripe
Cause my doe isn't right but my flow is so tight
Like coochie from a dyke, I'm unruly with a mic
Illuminati prolly watch me from rooftops at night
Cause I'm pro freedom, like Martin Luther getting sniped
In the cross hairs of life, my goons travel in packs
With chains, knives, bats, yo we're back
From Berlin to [?] where my crews be on you with a rhyme
[?] catch an atomic bomb to your spine
The crypt keeper, sick teacher I spit ether
Split Beamers who can't fuck a track with a limp weiner
Let the fifth lean ya like a heron fiend
Get your spot blown up like an Enron scheme

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Video přidal CitronxD

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