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Scar Sculpture - text


Virtuoso I rock the planet like the Mars Rover
Slash your body, turn it to a scar sculpture, brimstone bar sofa
Syllables, unkillable carcass, flow vulture
Swallow your own pistol, the nine milly throat culture
You bitches got no culture, no future
I'm a do you a favour and execute you losers
Using German Lugers, future of the human race
Snowgoons facing impending doom
Take all of your greatest minds in line and send them to the moon
To be colonized, bringing model fly bitches to sodomize
The rest of you sorry souls are lobotomized
God is alive, transcending reality's fabric
I twist it and bend it, I'm tripping balls like Hendrix
You're useless like an appendix, my crew is more nuts than ten dicks
Suspended in time like a pendulum
I'm redefining my paradigm to include a pair of dimes at all times
Put heaters to [? ] nines
The Karlheinz verdict is guilty of war crimes
No more nice guy, clips that I spit off kill
Lyrically ruthless, my regiments like Kim Jong Il
Spill Henny with no chaser, y'all like grape juice in sippy cups
Twisting up some piff to puff laying back while my dick gets sucked
I'm mister what the fuck I wanna do I do it
Leave you crew and clique spayed and neutered
Laying, losing blood, and puking
Hanging on to life by two strands, you can do one of two things
Get pushed down the mountain or kiss the crown, it's the new king

Who but me iller? Silverback Gorilla
You a dead man walking like Mike Jack in Thriller
To body another rapper, my pleasure
Don't rate him with me nigga, his style just don't measure
Came to the conclusion that hip hop's mine
[? ] you know the ziplock kind
Yo I had to play the field, had to pitch that dime
Assault with a deadly weapon? Yeah, I did that crime
So if you think something's sweet come try me
I'm a let your face ride the shotty, it'll be a body
And I put in knife work, he a bitch, get him a tight skirt
I let loose until the clock jerk
I been riding around since I was a day tall
Coward niggas run, real niggas play ball
It's Young Haze and Snowgoons
Fuck with either one, you online like Protools, nigga

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Video přidal CitronxD

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