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Darkness there and nothing more. Deep into that darkness peering long, I stood there wondering. Peering, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. And the silence was unbroken, the stillness gave no token and the only word there spoken was the whispered word...

Hey yo the name is unchangeable, brain storm the universal
Chain gang slinging my veins, painting my verses
Strange stain paint on the page blazing the purple
Main dames holding my thang-thangs in their purses
Handcuffs to holding tanks, cages in Kirkland
Faces stay straight but inside they're hurting
I rhyme for John J and the Crooked Line for certain
It's been built from the ground up since a youngster with curfew
You rooftop hustlers scrambles to get the gamble
From dice rolls to blackjack to credit scandal
The knifepoint stuck to your chest, I run with the handle
If I'm damaged, I spit with a humpback like a camel
The pathological rhymesayer but I'm the greatest
The hidden message, unspoken word behind the pages
And many words are crazy, blessing to see the pesos
I'm a king cause I say so, wear a crown for my halo

Blades slice skin, this shit is a breeze like the nights wind
Never fight sin, spit out the horror to fright men
The lightning hits the rooftop, we don't stop
Gun's cocked, return me to Satan with one shot

A drugging motherfucker, destroy a goon's beef
From the dirty south, thieves stomp your face into the streets
A living abortion, my riddle with vivid cultures of death
And destruction, fucking belittle bitches with horse dicks
I've lost it, exhausted, the Devil's darkened my forces
Blood is gorgeous, especially yours but on the porches
And doors of all who worship the light
I bring the [? ] of torture at night
My evil forces hold my sources of glorious fright
My brain's sick, heart's dead, eyes red
Putting you weak motherfuckers to bed
Big sleep where the pigs eat, get chewed up like Wrigley
Roll to Philly, fog up the lab with Dr. Illby
We smash you, you think you nuts homie? They call me cashew
I blast you, rigor mortis stiff, froze like a statue
The last dude you ever wanna fuck with, I run this
Kills abundant, Lucifer's wrath is felt among us

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