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Michael Nobody aka Poetic Death - text


This is the tale about Michael, grew up to be nobody from the dirty streets of Columbia, South Carolina. This is the tale told by Savage Bros, Lord Lhus; things might not always work out like you think they will and this is a true story. Peep the words.

What up peace? I'm on a one-way street keeping it street
It seems like everybody's focused on me, paranoid see
You with the family? Man, no doubt
There is no reason for the words that just came out my mouth
Anyway, there's a game I gotta play and it's a race
Us against who? Hold on, I'm at your place for a safe
Less than two minutes, no trace for the cause that I make
Hit the brakes, hop out the whip to the spot where you weigh it straight
All I know is it could be 5-0
A lot of dough is getting thrown at a show
Can't overlook it no more
Gotta get off my ass and fast
Pass the gas, good ass shit in the bag, twist it and wrapped in?
The details explained by a man named Miguel
Hit the females, gunslinger known for the key sales
In for retail, left a couple charlatan D's pale for foul servicing
Street drunk traffic and malnourished it

Yeah, you can get the cash and the fame on the block. The bitches, all that but all that shit comes at a price. And sooner or later if you do dirt you gonna pay that price yo. Word up.

Yo knowledge you hear about that cat Michael from up the block?
Nah, what happened? He got popped with a rifle by local cops
Hold up ox. That's the same cat that asked about the race
Yeah, he fucked up, went and got captured by shitty jakes
Struck me as a snake, I seen him punch his mama in the face
Fuck catching a case, I would've thrown his carcass in a lake
Marched into his place, yo Lhus, why didn't you bury him son?
I wanted to but I knew duke liked to carry a gun
Back on subject, son was wilding, staying up with some beef
Some cats ran up in his spot, started dumping the heat
So did they kill him? No he lived but shot Steve, Sally, and Jason
Word? His wife and kids? Yeah, got him set on retaliation
Started freebasing, got lifted, then turned homicidal
Grabbed his rifle, started rehearsing verses from out the Bible
Ran outside, started bucking, hit some kid on a bike
The law caught up with him, the judge threw him in prison for life
Legal suicide

I heard they gave him two life sentences, shit is crazy man but I guess some cats can't take the pain. You gotta play with the cards dealt. Looks like Michael got a fucked up hand.

Boom boom boom, six o'clock on the dot, still no light
Something don't feel right, he's gonna start a fight
So he can go to the hole, he can't take it no more
He's lost control, penitentiaries blackened the soul
He was beefing with the Aryans
They said he couldn't wear the skin of a white man
Chilling with black barbarians
But that's how it was in the area he came up
He trusted no human being,?
Throughout the struggle and strife he hustled up a pipe
Filed it down sharp so it would function as a knife
Wore his shirt loose so he could stuff it in his side
To puncture a windpipe, he never been nice
He stabbed a man in the heart to see the pain he felt
And then he had plans to go and hang himself
But before he tied the sheet to the top of the bed
He was stabbed six times in the stomach and once in the neck
A poetic death

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