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Man In the Mirror - text


I'm fighting this pain in my heart
Spitting the flame in the art
Finding myself in the dark, hoodie on in a park
Waiting for the next civilian, don't got love for children
I'm trouble minded (These demons got me blinded)
I can't figure it up, these thoughts I can't hide them
I can't fight them, but I'm a find them looking at the man in the mirror
You right behind me, with the same reflection as me (So don't surprise me)
Your only as sick as your secrets, that's how the street gets this deep shit
All aboard, my flow will leave you seasick, peep this
Ego tripping, you can't defeat this
I'm on the red team, you can hear the screams from the bleachers
I'm trapped in a tunnel of violence where the sirens
Play on my block like diabolical violins
You can hear the lost souls screaming on Riker's Island
Cell to cell, you can hear them (tremble in hell)
I'm a rebel as well, in this treacherous world
With pimps that turn nuns into a venturous girl
I blame it on my pop's semen
These demons got me in a chain snatching spree
(Don't let me catch you [? ])
It's messed up the way I was born, now my mental is torn
Trying to survive this perfect storm
Even my notepad's getting blurry
So blurry, visions of being alive in a coffin buried
Angel on my right shoulder, Devil on the left
To the niggas that got shot, ran outta breath
Lost so much blood and collapsed on the steps of the lobby in the projects
(getting closer to death)
It's a hobby, do robberies, when your pocket are full of lint
Can't get a job, don't want to join the army
I wanna cut my wrists, suicidal thoughts got me seeing gun smoke in the fog
So I walk these streets of New York
Shattered glass on the floor, from the mirror that I broke in the room
So God just forgive me, for all of my sins
And maybe one day you'll let me do this all over again

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