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Punch a fake fuck in the face, no heart in the hoe
Then kick it with his bitch, then i'm parking the boat
You're still in deep shit when the waters are slow
Fuck around and punch a motherfucking shark in the nose, yeah
Long as i got the chron next to the philly
I arm wrestle a grizzly
No contest in my city, nah
Knuckle up with us
You ain't fucking up none of us
I'm the biggest beast in the streets, a snuffleupagus
Spit in your face, hooking your jaw bone
Get in your place, you're rook in the war zone
Same old shit, man, they kicking they all clones
Fuck a few poison darts give them the harpoon, yeah
So you better just run and duck
Uppercut the first lunatic to be jumping up
Get got, watching hustlers page rocks and jump them
Block to block like hopscotch

I got my clique ready
Ready for hand to hand combo
Lunatic nigga jumped up and got hit
I think all time i blew those spots
Mcs i will be burning burning hot

See I don't give a fuck, you disrespect my man then I'm scheming on you
Shut your fucking mouth if you ain't fam then I'm swinging on you
Pull out your fist
You went against us kid, I doubt it
Hit you in the jaw with enough force to move a mountain
Feel the ground shake a mile away
From stomping your face
You crumble displace
Looking like a fucking disgrace
To the male race
Yo, you a bitch with a dick
Don't never ever think of stepping with your sensitive clique
She get serious quick in the mix with street fighters
Fuck around stop beef you end up curb biters
Loosing teeth on the concrete with DNA stains
You're feeling great pain
Graffiti in blood like it's spray paint
Full of hatred
Have you shook, hiding in basements
Strip you naked
I'm heartless, evil replaced it
Your face adjacent to the bat that I swing
Crater your cheeks, run in streets with unanimous kings

Blood blood blood blooood

Fights and scars
Life is hard
Fuck a fair one, you get beat down by the squad
Mortal kombat
Catch your lighting rod with a guard
Juggernaut in the spot with your life on my palms
Far from pretty
You ain't rocking with me
Got more goons on the street than Gotham City
Popping 50s
Then we off in the night
Ugly and trife
Run to your pockets, nothing is nice
Crack heads with pipes, crackheads with pipes
Stay hot headed, John Blaze on the mic
Call my brother William
You know he stay hype
Till the blue lights
In the streets we earn stripes
At war with the world
It must die here
At war with the world
Man it must die
Keep the fire lit
Blow the smoke in the sky
Fuck around step up, left hook to the eye

Blood blood blood blooood

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