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I'm the young buck with the old brain rocking stole chains
Set my race back 20 years like Soul Plane
Fuck every executive in my radius
Been amazing kids since Beta-Max and laser discs
Since [?] and Hambone, always been the antithesis of a sambo
John Rambo
First Blood has been draw, the King Kong copy Cauze
Can't believe this bullshit these rappers got me on
Ready to Rumble Fish, you'll get pummeled with the crushing fist
That leave you dizzy, yeah drunk as shit
Sober up and get your fucking clique dumped in creeks
Rivers, lakes, split your face with a fucking brick
Snoowgoons who I'm running with
German Luger I'm the shooter, never ask, "Who's gun is this?"
Tongue is quick like Big Punishment puffing spliffs [?]
Tons of chips, dump the clip then pump my fist
Blast off like a warhead
I had DJ Pain tattoo my logo on your forehead
I say whatever I gotta do to get my shit to sell
Like Michael Jackson probably fucking little kids in Hell¨

King Kong's who I'm running with
I'm the shooter, never ask, "Who's gun is this?"
"Played himself fronting like he's hard to the core" - Heltah Skeltah 'Letha Brains Blo'
"Worldwide, Trojan Horse style" - Full Force 'Snowgoons'
Snowgoons who I'm running with
German Luger I'm the shooter, never ask, "Who's gun is this?"
"Animal, yeah a lot like a monkey" - Reef The Lost Cauze
"You asked for it who want beef well here's war" - Heltah Skeltah 'Here We Come'

This mulatto's doing just fine
In the L.A. sunshine
'Bout to hit the road, tour the world one more time
I get contracts at the top of the building
Banging on my chest while I'm stomping civilians
I know niggas want the spot I'm chilling
The line between a friend and a foe is real thin
And that's why my attitude's built in
Stone cold heart, I ain't got no feelings
I did this off the muscle and the passion
I did this with the hustlers and Assassins
Open Large, GPG if you asking
And don't worry about how it just happened
Met the Snowgoons at a show out in Athen
While y'all was at home sitting on ya asses
Enough of you let's get back to me
Young De, everything else is R.I.P

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