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This chick loves the arguing, the bickering and beefing
She’s giving me a reason? I’m kicking her teeth in
This isn’t the season, she thinks that it’s chill
But I’m heated, sick of all the bitching and screaming
She’s a witch and a demon but I’m sick in the head, bitch
Feeling neglected, twisted, demented
Now pissed and short-tempered, flip for no reason
She block punching niggas in the face just for breathing
Underground events, we be stomping out an MC
Tempt me, sucker die fuck around ?
Throw all my energy to Protools and kick a rap
Recorded an album with the Snowgoons, they rip the tracks
While my bitch opening old wounds like picking scabs
I’m still running this old-school shit like ditching cabs
And pinching sacks and stomping coke
If I wasn’t getting richer now I’d say I’d gone for broke

So better run, you don’t wanna get dumped and played
Cause we’re worldwide, worldwide, Trojan Horse style
Get the fuck up and run, game over, shit is done
When the Snowgoons strike full force, get your ass up, Trojan Horse

Fuck your alternate fight, I’d rather alternately strike
When my mic ignites, short fuse explode your life
Catch me late night fiending for the mic
Never forgive and forget, fuck you and your peace pipe
Ever approach me better have plans to roast me
I know roach when I see em and I watch em closely
Be on the look out for snakes and rats
So when they try to break you down they only scrape your back
I speak militant plus work ethic is diligent
When I’m getting ignorant, equivalence is killing s**t
Dudes better chill man, I’m back to my saving grace
Never hold me down yo my brain is an amazing place
Get it and go, the illest nigga you know
He stay getting that dough plus he cool at the shows
He stay patient, one day at a time
But he’ll break your fucking head if you step out of line

There’s many wicked ways that I can get my beast on
Keep your hands off my plate when I’m getting my feast on
Niggas I’m fresh, you ain’t on the shit that I be on
What I spit now will be studied for aeons
Ridiculous flow you ain’t never heard of
Sick in the skull the way I think these words up
Observed fuck way past deranged
I spark this ? up and take off like planes
They say I’m Adolf insane
The way my ink stain and napalm your brain
The game’s changed but I’m still going all in
If you ain’t gonna finish, what’s the point of starting?
Often I brag and boast about me
But if I ain’t believe myself where the f**k would I be?
I ain’t no Biggie, Nas, or Jay-Z
I am me Faez One Q-D nigga

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Video přidal CitronxD

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