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Black Snow 2 - text


I'm at the opera sitting up in the balcony
Gun aimed at the valkeyrie
Backstage I dabble in black magic & alchemy
Briefcase of cash, passports with a fake name
Traveling through Russia with bombs on a freight train
Turn popes to cokeheads cause they broke bread with goat heads
Paranoid skitzophrenics with no meds
Weaving through the Vatican traffic on a moped
Carrying machine guns, cops scream code red
Command center computers scramble to find intruders
Police scan the local rooftops for sharp shooters
I'm cold as Siberia, flow is so superior
The smell of cigars stain Mercedes interior
The black snow, black hole leader like Castro
I'm sitting in a cemetery poisoning black crows
The mass knows nothing of my fiendish plots
They try deciphering the rhymes that this genius drops
I concoct concoctions to make your heartbeat stop
We're locked in a Russian gulag sleeping on old cots
Guards moving like robots patroling the cellblocks
30 below zero, who the hell said Hell's hot?
I swore to my maker I'd never spit a wack flow
Or spend eternity in Hell shoveling black snow

Watch out where them Snowgoons go
We make the sky bleed black snow
Not after your cash, we are after your soul
We make the sky bleed black snow

The Snowgoons are battering rams through your speaker
Hazardous craft that´ll freeze ya
Earthquaking bangers and them smackers that slap up the sleepers
Landscapes are collapsing when we shatter the sets
We are like the Four Horsemen breathing down the back of your neck
Curtains are met for competition with no further regrets
Have you floating the ocean face down with a bird on your head
I'm leaving rivals flabbergasted, minds can have you backless
That´s why I´ll design my raps to chop heads off like flying battle-axes
Green Mile on beat, killing it, you as relevant as garbage
Stomp through your empire like the elephants of Carthage
Colder than the poles when the notions are woven
Stay in control and always keep one eye open like Odin
When the market is too numb we march to the goon drum
'Till it´s a wrap, leaving you wrapped in a carpet of goosebumps
The storm comes, there´ll be no time for a last phone call
When the dark skies open to let the black snow fall

I got a sinister plot to administer shots
Samurais that let hammers fly, ninjas with Glocks
Bust through brick walls, walk through glass
Terminator Titled, let 'em live, why would I do that?
Dumping everything I got at ya
Don't you think it's odd that I run this shit from Antarctica to Ottawa?
Stuff you in a garbage truck,cause you been trash
Wear your hat straight, but I'll put snaps where your brim at
Make you rock a special needs helmet cause you been wack
Uppercut punch, left you bent back
Halfway up your nose was the chin strap
The doctor handed me some notes and this graph
That said this boy need a skin graft
I don't talk to cops so save that report
My interrogation video's a Charlie Chaplin short
So when you hear the gat blow we comin' through the backdoor
I let the brrrat go repping for Black Snow

Text přidal CitronxD

Video přidal CitronxD

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