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This ones for y’all if y’all want it
This one for la raza, bitch it don’t stop
Til 4, 5, 6 in the mornin'
Till somebody’s uncle sings 'till he drops
Now I rap for y’all and y’all know it
But goddamn, do I got that hatin' shit
Maybe ‘cause I’m Mexican n I be wreckin'
She steppin' and definitely bringin' em a little change to this
Man, I come from where they run from
‘Cause this ain’t a sap and the pesos don’t last us shit
A conundrum, I’ve been dumb some
Man, I’m proud of my people who we tryna get to call of slim
‘Cause I know y’all tired of bein pacifist
I’m running up with hella cats and I’m blasting shit
Till we back, we get attack and attack you bitch
‘Cause if you tryna fuck with us then you a masochist
Mira cabron, conmigo no te metas guey
Yo te voy a enseñar que conmigo no es okay
Poneme algun commentario que el ritmo es gay
Que no mato la liga con mi mixtape
There's always some dumb bitch with some shit to say
But a latina finna get up in here an hit the game
So you can hate, you can say shit but we gon' stay
Snow White tell them hating bitches fix your face
We rolling up, holding drinks
Let them haters hate
They know what’s up, know we in here
They know we don’t play, don’t play
Don't play, don't play, don't play
Hold up, wait a minute, make them scream 'n shake
We showing up, blowing up
Tell my DJ hit play, hit play
Hit play, hit play, hit play
(Wake ya game up!)

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