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Yeah, you know sometimes you gotta tell the girl you love that you love her. I’m not the best at it though but I’mma do it like this
[Verse 1]
Yeah, I know sometimes my rhymes get in the way
Of our time, we rarely get to see each other everyday
Except for bed but that’s the best fucking place
It’s like I could lay there for hours and just stare at your face
Remember Montreal when I was hitting St. Laurent
Had you keeping six, had me thinking you’s a gangster bitch
We would talk and support was important
Telling me to forget what some fucking whore did
Nuzzled in your breast was the safest and best
Place for me to be when times was hard for me
You made me feel loved when all I had was hate
And when my belly was empty you put the food up on my plate
And that ass you got make me wanna ask God
How the hell he created something so fucking hot
I really fucking love you and I don’t love a whole lot
Just remember girl you got the key to my heart
Yeah, you got everything I need baby
I know you’ll think this is corny baby
I know I haven’t said it much lately
But you’re the shit, I fucking love you baby
[Verse 2]
I can’t believe she love me, I’m pretty fucking ugly
I don’t make much money and my nose is always runny
But she’s always got Kleenex, got me thinking I’m the best
Just to be hanging with my girl on some next
Level type of shit, she really got me loving it
Movies on Friday nights we ain’t never clubbing it
We cuddle hard, I’m in awe, she roll the joints by far
Our late night menage a trois
A perfect ten, got me pitching a tent
From all those booty shorts that she’s always wearing
With “Snak” on the left ass cheek she know she’s mine
Midnight night caps that McWillliams Wine
She loves me even when I stink
Even when I’m broke, even when I drink
Even though I make an ass of myself I know she’ll always be around
The type of girl I’m happy to have found
[Chorus x 2]

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