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Yo this my third strike, labeled repeat offender
Enter without an exit, dismember any contender
Everything previous to this, you won't remember
Bear witness to this mental sickness and it's twisted splendor
Let me show you how it's supposed to be done
Leave you roasted like you busters posted to close to the sun
Vocally dumb, focused on staying hopeful and young
Every word I speak leaving thick smoke on my tongue, um
My life's so Hollywood but not like in the flicks
They call me Willie Pickton cause I'm hogging all the chicks
Easily dodging the six in my jet black attire
Take the wrinkles out your shirt with the tire iron
Automatic firin', hear the sirens but they never catch me
Let's see, I roll with more retards than Wayne Gretzky
Dreams of models and yachts, all I got was a hefty
Bitch that wanna sex me on a Kawasaki jet-ski
The beat it got me bugging, fuckin' OCD
At home cutting drugs up on my own CD
Yeah, fuck a microphone I use an old CB
Tugging on my bone the only way that you'll beat me
Ain't tryna brag but you looking at a veteran
I'm the one these swag rappers thinking that they better than
Thinking that you thuggin' with the G-Shock and the snap-back?
I got bitches rubbin' on they g-spot when Snak rap
There I fuckin' said it, bet it never get regretted
This shit embedded deep inside my head, never forget it
My history's a mystery, on my dick where bitches be
This ain't rap, it's wizardry - Picture pain and misery
So when you're done dissing I'll be tongue kissing your grandma
Send a picture to ya cause I got it on camera
Canadian grammar - (Fuckin' giver eh?)
Beaver meat and strong beer fueling my delivery
Goddamn, there he go, fucking up your stereo
We ain't playing games no more, you still stuck on Mario
Once you start to like it, I'ma change up the scenario
Burn your flow - Danario, shallow like your burial
Body every beat in sight, never been an even fight
Keep an eyeball slightly open if you're tryna sleep tonight
Never write that shit uptight, all you pricks is too polite
Ignite the wick and hold this burning stick of white dynamite

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White Dynamite


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