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Watch Me Flex - text


Yeah I practice grade 5 mathematics on an apparatus just to gain some fucking status
The baddest kid you ever fucking met
Pretty stupid, trying to throw rocks at a motherfucking jet
Slept on, probably not, my shit’s filthy fucking hot
It really don’t matter what kinda weed I got
All right Scott enough with the ego
Leggo my Eggo before I kill a hundred people
This track is just a prequel to a horrific scene
Where people walk on their hands and Snak’s known as clean
I’ve been running game for years
Blood, sweat, and tears, as I emerge wack cats disappear
The shit that I say make a sane man freak
A sober man tweak, a tough guy look weak
A cool dude a geek, unproductive? Fuck no
We in so deep like eight days a week
Yo I’m a dirty dude always in the news
Smelling like booze scheming on some motherfucking food
Macaroni and hot sauce, make everything no-cost
At the liquor store looking like I’m fucking lost
Wearing a shirt that says Boss that I bought it at ross
I got dirt, bloody, and gasoline all over my paws
I need no introduction, catch me eating at your barbeque, at your family function
Something something something
No where’s where I’m from, just some redneck scum
With that hairy itchy bum, I’m far from well hung
My dick’s real small and it’s got a lot of hair
Looks like a little man sitting on a beanbag chair
Nobody cares, not even me
Intentionally slip a roofie in my own fucking drink
Just to feel the effects, double penetrate your mind
But not like sex, watch me flex

Text přidal Paul_R

Video přidal Paul_R

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