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Take That Shit - text


Yo man, where'd you get that shit
I fuckin took that shit, I don't fucking pay for nothing
Nothing (hahaha)
Fucky i aint got no money
That shit don't bother me... (hahaha)

If you want it, you can have it, come boy take that shit
A dirty habit, just grab it, don't pay just take that shit

If you want it, you can have it, girl just take that shit
A dirty habit, just grab it, don't pay just take that shit ( Yeah, Hey yo )

Verse 1|
Hey Yo I so smart, leave walmart wit a full kart
Panty hosed up, bro shoes, and butter tarts
Everything I need is free, quick to flee with some fly, security never remember me guy
I know I know, that I'm a fuckin Klepto
I don't even got a car but i"m syphonin at petro
Jerry can on the motha fuckin metro
Steal your fuckin ipod if you listen to techno
These silly cops will never stop me, shoppin spree, barbeque, and a Playstation 3
Mom and Pop shops know, the four finger bandit
My girlffriend hates it, but she don't understand it
I'm so slick with a ciggy on my jaw
I'm not a criminal just picky with the law
How much shit can I fit in one bag
I don't wanna brag but I ain't worried about a price tag (ha)

I don't need cash, most people couldn't hack it
All I need is five fingers, and a real big jacket
I dont give a fuck, thats my fifth tactic
If i want somethin bad enough, imma jus rack it
Walking out the store lookin fatter than before
Underneath my shirt I got fourteen more
Fuck floor walkers, keep lookin at the floor
And Imma keep shoppin for shit, I can't afford shit
Stepped into staples with an open bag of chips
And stepped into the rim of cheeky marker chisel tips
Yo I never had jack shit, unless I jack shit
What you thought this was that conscious rap, no it's that snak shit
I'm a beef fillet killa, a beast with no scrilla
Jack your wonder bread, jacked off, vanilla gorilla
I break a lot of laws, but the main one's theft
Break the rest of the window to take what's left


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