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We back up in this bitch!
That premium dope

[Verse 1: Snak The Ripper]
Ay yo
I spy with my eyes
So fly shit designed by
Corrupt cops that buckshots
That crack rocks and drive by's
Flood the streets like high tide
Just thinking about how time flies
You keep this fucking around can get your shirt stained like tie dye
Fuck smiles and high fives
Creeping up on your blind side
This is a true story but on acid it's a sci-fi
Read the rappers on the net with no ethernet or wifi
Forty thousand feet above your city when I fly by
Sitting shady, spitting crazy
Till I'm whipping in Mercedes
Splitting lips on pussies like delivering the grip of babies
Bitches wanna set my gravy
Foaming at the mouth like they all
Sick with rabies, cripping maybe
Rocked 'em all in the eighty's
Slash you with an axe, listening to Guns ‘n Roses
Yo this shit's addictive like that trash you putting off your noses
Every verse ferocious, every word atrocious
Sicker than most, the closest
Short of breath like overdosing with tuberculosis
Yo it's

[Hook x2: Snak The Ripper & KXNG Crooked]
Stack top of the line
Just rockin' your mind
Move lots at a time, that premium dope
Might as well get a stack off the shelf
In the back we just sell by the pack, that premium dope

[Verse 2: KXNG Crooked]
I just go to distance, I just know persistence
I'm just so relentless, I'm just so consistent
They call it show business but I never show my business
Some of you niggas is hoes, some of you hoes is hoes
I'm just better than both of you bitches
But the flow is so chauvinistic
And I don't leave no forensics for the detective to collect
Whenever I go ballistic
Aim your whole existence for dead presidents like the ghost of Nixon
Give a niggas more bars than a prosecutor who got the most evictions (bars)
Walking down on my city, how dare you?
My niggas a stick you up when ever they care to
Shut the fuck up, you get stuck up like a booji bitch
You get stuck up like The Weeknd's hairdo
And clear blue diamonds snatched up like Claire Bloom (gimme that)
You make me have to make a move like a godfatherly
Your block hotter than rock lava, hotter than a hood of police cars (yeah)
To my top shottas they gone pop choppers like bloc bloca
Had the top doctors trynna put you back together with ER
Cause we are

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