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[Intro: Snak the Ripper]
Yeah, these headphones on man
Dagad'aa dagad'aa - hahahahahaha
Yeah, yo
[Verse 1: Snak the Ripper]
You could only, see what I've seen
Take a look through my eyes, even
You'd be surprised how the fuck I survived
I'm still alive
Act upon demons drifting by ?
Being hungry and deprive my second win ?
It's just a rob ?
It's second nature
The shit's my sixth sence
Cut through competition like a chaine ring? fence, my
Brain work different
These veines? run cold
Spooky Lou I got me done ?
You watch my words unfold
Every step, that I take
Advance to more steps
So I make
Realistic goals and don't hold my breath
I know my work, put in work
To you I must seem like a jerk
Break through barriers ?
Heavy and berserk ?
Got my killer mind
Look at all these victims
Every moment 'till you know, exactly how I ripped them
I can't lie, this is the life that I lead
Eat, sleep, bleed, shit, rap, rince, repeat!
[Hook x 2: Snak the Ripper]
Another day, another breath
Another obstacle that’s left
In my dust? before my death
I’m settling for nothing less
If life's a test yo
Then you can cheat of me
I’d rather skip the class, enjoy the sun and smoke some weed
[Verse 2: Snak the Ripper]
What you see is what you get
Bloody knuckles, tears and sweat
Live my life with no regrets
What I need I’m gonna get
I make sure I don’t forget
My future is never set
Possibilities are met
Easily or better yet
Got a natural ability to kill it with agility
Flexibility I’m beat like doing the splits ?
Criminal shit
Stick with every crime I commit
I’m on a fucking role
You ain’t never seeing me quit
I ain’t, never left
But it’s my right for return
It’s rightfull to learn
How my rifle will burn
But I don’t pack a pistol or a ready loaded nuke'r?
I dress in black ??????????? like Freddy Krueger
I know to you, the shit might seem strange
But I know this shit about me that I just can’t change
I won’t lie
This is the life that I lead
Eat, sleep, bleed, shit, rap, rince, repeat
[Hook x 2]

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