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Locally Famous - text


Verse 1:
This Snak right here, may be hard to swallow
We doing big things like a furos hollow
This leader dont follow, I wallow in my success
Killin shit I'm obsessed, with being the best
Fuck who I impress, the way Snak progress
Work ethic driven epic, just a trait I possess
Snaks, locally famous, vocally hanus
No joke shameless, cuttin up squirrels with a stainless
Im just a dead beat cracker reppin East Van
Beach sand mountains, and a shit load of heroin
Smoke northern lights, green party types
My peoples know they rights, when cops start fights
Remain modest, brutally honest, so far from the calmest
Terrorist at his bombest, jealousy and desperation
The only explanation, on why people hatin
Your respect dog I'm takin it

Verse 2:
Im just the, representation of the place that I dwell
Out of towner hesitation take a step into hell
Don't take cops much to shoot, scabby faced prostitute
In the same neighborhood as rich people in suits
Its crazay, its where I come from like, you can't save me
Twenty five years of shit is what made me
Im white weird and lonely, ain't Ginuine
But if you dont like my rhymes bitch, you could ride my pony
Fuck you phoney, I dont trust anyone
Tracks I got plenty done, Im buck you just pennies son
Run mother fucker, run mother fucker run
Get done, a piece of my pie, you dont want none
Fuckin right, I got an appitite for destruction
On every single one of these, D-Rec productions
Low Pressure crew again, Ima fuckin prove it man
West coast dirt bag, East Van hooligan

Text přidal Paul_R

Video přidal Paul_R

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