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Live fast die young - text


[Verse 1]
Live fast die young, opportunities pass
Another broken skeleton, the flesh I wear is my cast
I’m spitting every verse written like this shit was my last
Directed on a path that cut my ass walking on glass
What happens to me when my body is ash?
Only the memory of life, the real question to ask
Is how to feel when even breathing feels like a task
Pardon the day
Another corpse hidden under a mask of rotten decay
I Keep on trying but my future is bleeding and dying
Screaming and crying, lose it on me niggas, I’m wasting my time
That I’ve been giving trying to make a fucking buck from a dime
Plus, since I’ve never forgiven, living this organized crime
I’m fucking sick, running low on medication
Station, veto got me on a permanent vacation
Created equal but perverted the creature of temptation
Cremated introverted, just a feature of relation motherfucker

*Scratch* What if I die
"I don't wanna die anymore"
"whats to die to go to heaven?"

[Verse 2]
Live fast die young, situations occur
Absurd visions of my future never clear from a blur
Hear every word spoken with a drug induced slur and dull slur
Don’t feel fear, terminally ill with no cure
What happens when all that’s left is a choice?
Either I die like a coward or a man with a voice
My objective is obvious, must fill the void
Every obstacle crushed, killed with skill I destroy
I keep trying but my future is tainted and dim
Painted in thin, acquainted with death crawling under my skin
Playing each move slow, like fingers on a violin
Motivation lingers with the thought that I'ma try to win
I’m fucking sick man, that’s all you need to know
Bomb-bombing them new kids at every fucking show
Arms ready to fuse lit, now watch this sucka flow
I move so warn them with a due six, helping me grow
Damn it


Text přidal Paul_R

Video přidal Paul_R

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