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Re-animated corpses walking the streets
pulled from the grave by desire to feast
Attacking, killing, eating your brains
But leaving just enough behind for you to walk again

The immortal soul has left this corpse
there's nobody home except the maggots
This sickness of the dead comes from the deepest
depths of hell

Re-animated, back from the grave
All human flesh consumed is all you crave
for everyone who dies, one new is born
in exchange to walk again the oath is sworn

Resistance try to mobilize
the bold in vain put up a fight
bravery turned to stupidity
the fools lose their humanity

Infection growing stronger
set spark to lifeless husk
Common sense obliterated
beware. Here cometh dusk

When there's no more room in hell
the dead will walk the earth
to celebrate extinction
and the coming of unbirth

Beware! Beware of the Re-Animated

There's no escape from the living dead
You won't be laid to rest
You will feast on human flesh
all emotions paralyzed
Brain power dead inside
in preparation of the coming of the anti-christ

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