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Me and some friends of mine
We stayed up all night taking truth serum
We soon realized the mistake we made
And went our separate separate ways
I went up on the roof
Where I thought Id find some truth
There beneath the stars
But questions followed me
Do you miss me, when I go
Honey I love you and thats all you need to know
Well then, what is love
Love is an object kept in an empty box
How can something be in an empty box
Well well give me another shot
Of that truth serum
I went back downstairs to check on my friends
Because truth has a way of beginning an end
Big Bruiser Ken walks in says
I like men
I excuse myself and go back up on the roof again
More questions follow me
Is death really the end
Honey I love you and that's all you need to know
Well then, what is life
Well thats a good song
(sings) Without you by my side
Taking that serum
People people theres a lesson here plain to see
Theres no truth in you
Theres no truth in me
The truth is between
The truth is between

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