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There once was en evil tyrant
Who ruled his island with no mercy
Yea, no mercy
Took what he wanted
And no one questioned his actions
No one questioned his actions, no
Now he had no consideration
For anyone
Until one day
He saw the most beautiful girl on the island
He knew that raping her
Was not the best way to impress her
There once was en evil tyrant
Turn to the gods for answer
Turn to the gods
For an answer
They couldn't offer no solution
They could offer no solution
So he took it into his own hands
And the evil tyrant
Decided to take her as his wife
Since no girl could turn down the opportunity
To be queen
She became pregnant
And the king’s serious nature
Was tamed by the beauty of the boy
He finally had a successor
And at the age of seventy
The king told his son
That he was tired
That it was time for the son to take over

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