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All your women things
All your frilly things
Scattered 'round my room
Right where you left them
When you left them
Scattered 'round my room
All your hardness
All your softness
And your mercy
All your bridges and bras
Your cotton
And gauze
All your buckles and straps
Releases and traps
All your screws
And false nails
Oriental winks
And Egyptian veils
Oh all of these things
I gathered them
And I made a dolly
I made a dolly
A spread-eagle dolly
Out of your frilly things
Why couldn't I have loved you
This tenderly
When you were here
In the flesh
So tenderly
How could I ignore
Your left breast
Your right breast
How could I ignore
Your hardness
Your softness
And your mercy
Well it's been seven years
And the thought of your name
Still makes me
Weak in the knees
How could I ignore
Your left breast
Your right breast

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