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Starry Room (Hidden Track Bonus) - text


To be honest my conscience giving me caution, I’m dealing with all this nonsense
To be honest I’m talking to all my aunts and they giving me bad responses
Girl, I’mma be honest
They got trickery in their pockets, they’re hearts are blacker than onyx
And girl let’s just be honest
I feel like on narcotics with you, I feel so erotic
You know I’m a workaholic
If your fingernails are still polished you’re planning to go to college
Then we shouldn’t have to worry
That you live your life in a hurry
You drivin out so it’s blurry
We fallin down in a flurry
You serious.. you go through these periods when you hang with these eerie kids
It’s hilarious
And you call me while you’re delirious and tell me how it’s going and they I sought to get furious
You go up in a room, play Ciel, light a candle
I play Bella’s Lullaby while I cry on the piano
People questioned it a lover
Just know it cuts deeper than what all them bracelets cover and that’s very true
In this evening undercover
It’s just to uncover all the magic that is happening this summer
And girl you’ll always be my lover
But then a time will come when you’ll go and find another
But you’ll always be my star
(Girl, you’ll always be my star)

Man, I remember
Only here to be up
Trust me, I’m always dreaming star
Beckoning, I can’t even remember how old I was
You’ll always be my star
All the woopsucker, no matter where you are
Trust me, you’re my superstar

I might have been like 8 and I had my first girlfriend
I guess we’ve been messing up ever since
I don’t do it on purpose so..
I guess.. I don’t know what this means

I want somebody
I can touch my body
Who’s loving everybody
But it’s loving nobody but me
And nobody can see
What me and her doing on my spare time
That was all time
It isn’t their time

And I’m just happy that it’s over
And I’m not the one to look over my shoulder
Keep it moving forward
If I’m looking back I’m gonna try
And she told me that I’m really just a selfish kind of guy
Well I guess she knows me best
But it didn’t feel like it when her hands were on my chest
I guess that Costa Rica and Philly was very selfish of me
Well I’m sorry girl, I’m just silly and I feel hopeless if that’s true
Because you know that them really is a very lonely when you’re gone and we were chilling em til we uh.. broke up

Know what?
You was there when I woke up
Got emotions that we could soak up
Girl, I can be your soldier
Girl I promise that
And I’ll never take that promise back
It wasn’t for you I would just counteract
Prince shaman may come one day
And girl I’m found with that’
But you’ll always be my star
You’ll always be my star
You’ll always be my star
Girl, no matter where you are
Trust, you’ll always be my star
Girl, you’ll always be my star
You know that
You would always be my..
Girl you always be concerned

Cause this room is really story
This is me telling every girl I’ve dated, dad I’m sorry
Yea it’s really story
This is me telling every girl I’ve dated, dad I’m sorry
Self, girl I’m sorry
Cause This is me telling every girl I’ve dated, dad I’m sorry
Kennedy, I’m sorry
This is me telling all them other girls that I’m just sorry cuz
But this rumour’s really story
And I’m sorry
Girl, you know I’m sorry
I was really really sorry
Rachel girl, I’m sorry
Man it’s really just your story
And it’s time we shoot some story
Brother let’s pray outside
The girl live here, it’s really story
Olivia I’m sorry but this rumor’s so.. story
Girl I’m sorry

Still up
Girl, I’m sorry

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Video přidala YoungSmitho

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