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Falcon - text


You got the cash, well I'm about to come in and embezzle
Man I'm on a whole 'nother level
I put the bass up in your face
And you feeling it treble
You jokers corny like kettle
My super flow is so Olympic that I need a medal
Pop out the bushes like "Hello!"
I reach for the top and never settle
You say you rock, you a pebble
I rock and roll, I'm heavy metal
Where are you now
Where are you now (I'm whipping it)
Sitting back, listening
Where are you, Where are you now
(Dipping it, butterfly, butterfly)
Where are you now
Falcon, Falcon, fuck 'em
There's cops on the road, fuck 'em
There's cops on the road
There's cops on the road, fuck 'em
There's cops on the road, Falcon
I'm on the move
Cops on the road, douse 'em
I got you all bouncing, Falcon
I am not afraid to walk the lonely road
I'm so curious of where we go, oh
Who really cares, we won't be there
When kingdom comes, it all falls down
I hope wherever you are
You can see all of the stars, constellations
I'm impatient, you are beautiful (beautiful)
You should know (you should know)
Wherever you go, I'ma follow
Wherever you go, I'ma follow
My heart is so hollow, I'm high as Apollo
Seventeen, having problems with all of them models
Who gotta red bottoms and bottles
We gotta go skrt, hand on the throttle
Oh only you, can hold me down
What do you think I'm doing when you're not around?
I'm just at home by myself
Or out with them girls, but we both know that doesn't help me
No, no I'm ready to go
So much better than before
Nigga said I wasn't dope
But now my head is on the road
Bounce (got me swerving on the road)
Bounce (all them cops is on the road)
Bounce, Bounce (Cops, Falcon)
Looking at my life East Atlanta
I'm an African American a variant to what my city's like
The world's going to hell
I just roll up the gas
And pass it all around the circle for my day one homies
Oh, you acting like you know me
Remember when I was so lowkey
Chill in the cut, with a doobie and a cutie
Man I got a live life, I know they gon' judge me
But that's a necessary evil
And I was gonna sin like people
I'm living a lie, trying to do this right
Go mama do your dance
Need my money in advance, the Louie V pants
I'm never playing bout my bands
Kick in your door, “Doo! Doo! Doo!"
With the tool in my hand
Raury they don't understand
We had to stick it to the man
We bout to hit the road
Get the money where I can
Let 'em hate on this event
That's just a piece of the plan
Breaking news
There seems to be a high speed police chase, heading northbound on the Los Angeles 101 freeway
There seems to be two cars trying to outrun police officers with falcon winged doors
This is interesting stay tuned

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Jaden Smith texty

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