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Pretty Mary K (Other Version) - text


Pretty Mary K walks along the dock
With some sailor's pay shoved down in her sock
Pretty Mary K with some little boy in blue
Who can't stay away from you

Pretty Mary K took him back to town
I'm down here by the bay where the water pounds
Up against the wall crying black and blue
He Keeps me away from you

Pretty words that you whispered
Maybe I misunderstood
Somebody's not paying attention to
What they promise and their word isn't good

Oh, Mary K, I can see your face
Down there in the waves, faded and erased
But I know it's just a reflection of the moon
A big fake resembling you

I'm going to go down in the water
Fill my mouth up full of sand
I'll be waiting still impatient
With my dead imagination while you're with some other man

Pretty Mary K is off in somebody's room
I'm down here by the bay, my arm around the moon
But I'll be with you soon just as soon as I've paid
A walk across the water with pretty Mary K
Walk on water, pretty Mary K

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