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Go on and parade and fade
Hit the scene and slow
Spending all your time with some girl
You'll never get to know
Wound up tight
Dressed all in white
Some torn mainsail
Blowing out to drift
Leave you even if

You live up in your head
Scared of every little noise
Someone always breaking in accidentally
Using nothing but their voice
Shrill and small echo down the hall repeating pet names
See it in your eyes, you're only passing by

Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by

Someone's in the way
Pretty words and inside slurs
All the things they have to say
To perform the work that they've rehearsed
It's a waste of time
I put it behind me once and for all
And let the hype decline
If the problem wasn't mine

Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by
Go by

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Video přidal PsychoKiller

New Moon

Elliott Smith texty

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