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Grin and Bare It - text


Sure, go ahead and dream, girlie
But don't forget from whence you came
You're just tryna blow off steam, girlie
Not that I blame you, every night's the same

You finish the show
You rinse out your tights
You dive into a dive and raise a toast to better nights
You get a little drunk
And maybe start a few fights
But you grin and bare it

You run for the train
The one you just missed
You're out of cigarettes
You've got a headache and you're pissed
You lie awake counting all the bald heads you kissed
But you grin and bare it

Wake up, quick, smell the coffee
It's a brand-new day
If you wake up lonely that's the price you pay

You run from the train
It's a quarter to two
You slap a pound of war paint on and barely make your cue
You hit the stage and smile
'Cause, shit, what else can you do?
Or say grin and bare four shows a day

Oh, wake up, quick, change your costume
Second act is on
Life ain't just a rat race, it's a marathon
And then you're gone

So pity yourself
But know in your gut
That no one ever died because their life was in a rut
And learn a little lesson from a gal who says "What the hey?"
Grin and bare it, grin and bare it, grin and bare it
Grin and bare it, four shows a day!

Text přidala AlexRose96

Video přidala AlexRose96

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