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Don't Help The Devil - text


I got a friend who thinks he's right on time,
He's got the answers for everyone else on a shelf
He's really angry but he says he's fine
Sees his finger point but not the three back at himself
* how deep does your love run ... Before your love runs out
How long you gonna talk about others before you're all talked out
You better get used to yourself now... Some things you can't control
Maybe ask for what you need a little more help for
And Don't help the Devil... Devil's doin pretty good on his own
I got a sister knows a thing or two
She's keepin track of all the nasty little things that I do
Got a name for every game I play
And tells her friends that you didn't hear it from me
I'm never more than one step away from things I used to do
It only takes a push from behind to make me act the fool
And so I take a look at myself... And I gotta say...

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