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Always second-guessing
However far I roam
Bored of San Francisco
Just looking for a home

Out of work and faith, but always cunning
There is no escaping second coming
Resistance is futile
Unboundedly brutal
When conquering fate was only for fun

Sleeping on the trail, one thousand dozen
Malamute won't hail her orphan cousin
A soul without rival
For petty survival
This virginal state will only succumb

Shipping out with wild hopes perverted
Mission to annihilate concerted
An optimus profile
A mind is prehensile
This surfer of fate is fleeting at dawn

There is no second coming
However far I roam
North of San Francisco
Or eastward in the sun
I end up blue and bloated
Just wasted in the sun

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The Animal Spirits

Slough Feg texty

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