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Ankar Moor:
"I guard the city Helix
I ride the Death Machine
And serving Lord Zirpola
I keep the ranges clean

I am my only master
I keep the ranges clean"

Kaz Oshay:
"Immortal gladiator
Never a Statesmen's slave
I'm born to guide the ranges
Below the mutant caves

I am my only master
My mother was Oshay
She heard the flashwind coming
A thousand miles away"

Burning'cross the wastelands of this lost society
My name is Ankar Moor, I keep the ranges clean
Racing through the burnt-out shells, I must keep up the pace
Iron wheels like thunder in this Heavy Metal race!!

Lady of the Range-guides, Oh won't you ride with me
Across the plains to Triton our union can be free
Hiding from the flashwind underneath the ancient caves
Battling mutants, sending Statesmen to their graves

I was a Range-guide
You were riding by my side
Out on the wastelands, all on your side
Battling Statesmen to kill Ankar Moor

Escaped city Helix
And no more Death Machines
The Statesmen's reign is over
I ride the ranges free

I am my only master
My mother was Oshay
Once more I ride the ranges
Immortal tracks I lay

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Down Among the Deadmen

Slough Feg texty

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